The Shrey Cricket Helmets brand is a market leader and most sort after with Top Class International Cricket Players. By the leading manufacturers of world class cricket helmets, “Shrey Helmets” as the name suggests, was a range of helmets launched in 2013 in the memory of the youngest member Shrey, of the Kohli family.

Since then, SHREY has managed to ascend to the place it holds in the market. The intellect that is behind Shrey being a selected choice of Leading International players is the helmet’s matchless comfort and safety. Shrey is dedicated to stay at the leading edge of innovation and achieve value oriented growth. It is a fact that no player has ever been paid to wear the Shrey helmet, although our competitors pay for the prerogative of having professional players wear their helmet.

The products can only come to life if they are produced with the same care and integrity with which they were designed. Shrey Cricket Helmets are developed with cutting edge technology delivering paramount invulnerability for better performance. It is by far the Lightest Cricket Helmet on the market.

SHREY can only be successful if we are able to meet the needs of our customers and this very desire of being successful drives everyone at the company to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

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