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We are a great leading dealer of sports goods and accessories. We deal in wide array of brands and companies. We provide best in class service at reasonable prices thus helping us breathe the air of success.

Even though based in Mumbai, it hasn’t stopped us from providing products and services to all over India. You think of an sports item at your place and we will make it our PERSONAL goal to have it delivered to you at your convenience.



Cricket in India has always been a favorite sport amongst the youth. The immense history and heritage cricket shares with us that we thought of taking a leap ahead. With so much to offer in this segment, we at thechampionsports.com (TCS), thought of creating a separate website and collection only for cricket goods and accessories, only for the comfort of all you CRICKET FREAKS.



Started as a passion to see people playing cricket, once a single website thechampionsports.com for all sports has now also created this new collection for only Cricket goods. The main force behind this is the long list of brands and items we have to offer.



Our ideology is to stick to our roots while rooting for the best that we have to offer. We see a Champion is each and every one of you but every individual has a special skill and required a special item for its skill. That is why here, we have something for every shape, build and age. Prioritizing comfort over every other aspect, we provide some of the best brands for you to accompany.

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Cricket is an intense game that’s popular in many countries in the world. The game is played on a field where a bowler bowls a ball to the player at bat, and these bats often get broken or cracked during gameplay. Depending on the problem, it is possible to repair some cricket bat problems, such as cracks, but once a crack appears, it will continue to get worse, and eventually the bat will have to be replaced.

We are your one-stop for all of your cricket bat needs from preparation to refurbishments & handle replacements. Our work is known for its quality which is why we are used & trusted by numerous first-class & international cricketers.

Cricket Season Bat handle with Grip

Cricket Season Bat Handle Without Grip

Cricket Tennis bat Handle With Grip

Cricket Tennis bat Handle Without Grip

Bat Knocking (Machine Knocking with Tape)

Bat Knocking  & Pressing (Machine Knocking with Tape)

Bat Knocking, Pressing & Oiling (Machine Knocking)

Bat Protective Tape (Scuff Tape)

Cricket Bat Refinishing Season Bat

Cricket Bat Refinishing Tennis Bat

Cricket Bat Treading (Rate per Inch)

Cricket Bat handle Treading only

Cricket Bat Toe GuArd

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